Watch a ’90s ‘Punk’ Compilation Ad Featuring Incredibly Un-Punk Bands


Did you know that Huey Lewis and the News were a punk band? Well, according to the ad below for a ’90s compilation called Punk, those clean-cut fellows who wrote “Hip to Be Square” were basically the Sex Pistols. Other “punk” bands on the CD include Crowded House, The Knack, Toni Basil, A Flock of Seagulls, and Culture Club. But it isn’t just the tracklist that elevates this commercial to potential camp classic status — it’s the pair of hosts in Party City wigs, one of which appears to have been plucked from a Slash costume, addressing the kids at home in a slacker sub-dialect of Valspeak. Among other things, we can be thankful to this commercial for revealing what punks are truly angry about: “wasting money on CDs with only one or two good songs.” Mystery solved!

[via Have You Seen This?!]