Meet the All-New, More Tablet-Friendly Flavorwire


Hello, readers! We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve got some major site improvements planned for the next few months, and today, we’ve got some exciting news specifically for those of you who read Flavorwire on a tablet — or perhaps you’ve already noticed the prettier views. Thanks to our new partnership with OnSwipe, the way that you see and interact with Flavorwire content on your iPad or Nook will now be optimized for a much more pleasant user experience. Or at least that’s the plan, so take some time to poke around, and let us know what you think in the comments below! On a related note, if you’ve got ideas for other changes that you’d like to see around these parts, suggestions for things that we should be covering but aren’t, or you’d just like to let us know how we’re doing, you can always drop me a line directly here. We love getting feedback from you guys, and while we can’t promise to deliver you more photos of David Bowie doing normal stuff or beautiful college libraries, we can certainly try!