Anamanaguchi Searching for the “Chillest” Intern Ever


Calling all alt bros: It is time to meet your maker. Four super chill bros are looking for a super chill intern to bro out with. Have you ever dreamed of broing several brewskis for your best buds? Or rather, more importantly, are you terminally chill? Now is your chance to prove it, thanks to the Brooklyn-based band who showed us how to hack a Gameboy back in May. We’re even considering throwing out hats in the ring, because in exchange you get college credit, your own website, and a free visit to Pinkberry.

Contrary to recent speculation, this Craigslist ad was not posted by CRLS of Hipsterrunoff. Anamanaguchi, however, an 8-bit band that “makes loud, fast music with a hacked NES from 1985” are the chill culprits. They even perform a cover of Wavve’s “So Bored.”

Are you chill enough for this internship?