Who Wants to Edit Chris Brown Out of Nicki Minaj’s New Video?


It is so difficult to ignore Chris Brown, who everyone besides teenage girls and other pop artists seems to be completely disgusted with, when folks like Nicki Minaj keep insisting on collaborating with him. So we kind of expected to see Brown taking up space in her video for “Right by My Side,” although we couldn’t predict that he and Nas — who doesn’t appear on the track — would be dividing Minaj’s affections in it. She makes the right choice in the end, and the scenes between her and Nas are just as sweet as the syrupy song requires. The only problem is that their romance has to share the stage with Brown’s overtures to Minaj — which has us thinking that we’d like to see a fan edit of “Right by My Side” that cuts him out and replaces him with pictures of cats, stills from Kitty Pryde’s “Okay Cupid” video, or even just TV’s classic color-bar test pattern. Seriously, if there is a reader out there ambitious enough to do this, we would be thrilled to post your video.

[via Vulture]