Beautiful Abandoned Train Stations From All Over the World


Here at Flavorpill, we’re suckers for gorgeous photographs of abandoned and decaying spaces, and of course, for lovely architecture, no matter what state it’s in. Recently, we showed you some of the most beautiful train stations in the world — but what happens when those gorgeous places run their course? Though much beautiful architecture tends to fall to pieces beautifully, we think there’s something particularly fascinating about looking at a place that was once such a bustling center of activity after it has gone to seed, a specific feeling of lack that imbibes the place with an eerie glow. Click through to take a peek at our gallery ten gorgeous abandoned train stations from close to home and from far reaches across the globe, and if we haven’t mentioned your own favorite decaying beauty, please add to our collection in the comments.

Abandoned Station in Abkhazia. Photos by Ilya Varmalov.

Michigan Central Train Depot. Photos by Diane Weiss for The Detroit Free Press .

Montzen, Belgium. Photos via De-Moted Vision.

Abandoned Station in Abkhazia. Photos via English Russia.

Santiago, Chile. Photos via Retake.

Manchester Mayfield Station, UK. Photos via Urban Ghosts.

Croix Rouge Métro Station, Paris. Photos by S. Marshall.

City Hall Subway Stop, Manhattan. Photos by James Maher.

Buffalo Central Terminal, Buffalo, NY. Photos via Retronaut.

Anhalter Bahnhof Station, Berlin. Photo via Wikipedia.