Photos of Celebrities in Their Graduation Caps and Gowns


It’s graduation season, folks! Will you be donning a hard-earned tassel? Or cheering from the audience? Or, perhaps, sitting on the Internet, avoiding the notoriously long ceremonies altogether? If that’s the case, we can guarantee you wouldn’t want to skip a graduation if Jay-Z or James Franco were involved (although we’re pretty sure the latter has earned degrees from about 60 percent of all schools at this point, so there’s a good chance he’ll be at your local university’s ceremony). Anyway, after the jump, we’ve gathered 9 fun photos of celebrities in caps and gowns to celebrate the season.

Here’s a baby Jay-Z after graduating from elementary school. [Image via]

In 1960, Janis Joplin graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School in Port Arthur, Texas. [Image via]

Check out Elizabeth Taylor looking ever so glamorous in her graduation photo from University High School in Los Angeles. [Image via]

Earlier this month, Shaquille O’Neal graduated from Barry University with a doctorate in education. Congratulations, Dr. Shaq! [Image via]

In 1995, Jimmy Fallon dropped out of College of Saint Rose in Albany, NY one semester before graduating. In 2009, the Late Night host completed his degree in communications. [Image via]

Here we have James Franco graduating from NYU in 2011. He’s also conquered UCLA, Columbia University, Brooklyn College, and Rhode Island School of Design. Heck, he probably enrolled in another school in the time it’s taken us to type this. James Franco — coming soon to a college near you. [via]

This photo was taken after Michelle Obama’s graduation from Princeton. Bring that hair back! [Image via]

Here we have Dakota Fanning graduating from Campbell Hall High School, the same school as the Olsen twins, in 2011. [Image via]

Orlando Bloom received an honorary degree from the University of Kent in 2010. [Image via]