The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories


1. Robin Gibb, who along with his brothers Barry and Maurice, set disco-era dance floors on fire as the Bee Gees, died yesterday at the age of 62 following a long battle with cancer and intestinal surgery. [via ArtsBeat]

2. In case you didn’t notice the update to his relationship status, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is now married to his longtime girlfriend Priscilla Chan. Apparently, the ceremony was a super low-key backyard affair, and the invited guests thought they were there to celebrate Chan’s recent med school graduation. [via Gawker]

3. Inside TV has an interesting interview with Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss about next Sunday’s highly-anticipated “Blackwater” episode, which will feature the series’ first large-scale war sequence.

4. Will Smith was on The Graham Norton Show on Friday night, promoting Men in Black III, when the cheeky talk show host asked him to do the “Fresh Prince” rap — and he did. God, it takes us back.

5. “They say ‘no, you’re still young, you can still do it,’ but I have to stop one day. It hurts, it really hurts. The shoulder, the ankle, it really hurts. You don’t know because I still look healthy.” — Jackie Chan told reporters at the Cannes Film Festival that he’s done with action films, but is still planning to act.

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