10 Whimsical Upside-Down Houses


As the young heroine of our favorite title in the literary nonsense genre proclaimed, “if I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn’t. And contrariwise, what it is, it wouldn’t be, and what it wouldn’t be, it would.” In keeping with the nonsensical theme, we’ve explored one of the weirdest design genres that we can’t quite wrap our heads around: the upside-down house.

We think the architects behind these wacky creations must have had Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland in mind; after all, who hasn’t been inspired by Lewis Carroll’s timeless tale of falling down a rabbit hole into a land where it’s always time for tea, solicitous caterpillars smoke hookahs, and turtles, lobsters and fictional beasts square dance. From Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle’s take on a famous work of uncompleted architecture to a capsized cabin in California to an upside down house complete with an inverted car park, click through to check out our dizzying roundup of overturned architecture. Could you ever live in a house flipped on it’s head?

“Die Welt steht Kopf” — Isle of Usedom, Germany

Image credit: Impact Lab

Upside-Down House and Car Park — Sabah, Borneo

Image credit: Hayden Chan

Crazy House — Getorff, Germany

Image credit: Sven Herrmann

Wonderworks Museum — Orlando, Florida

Image credit: Wonderworks

Upside-Down House — Ganghwa Island, South Korea

Image credit: Juliane Eirich

Headfirst House — Putbus, Germany

Image credit: The Bulgarian News

Upside-Down Sales Office — Alanya, Turkey

Image credit: Xeroid

Upside-Down House — Lee Vining, California

Image credit: Hane C. Lee

Gravity Is a Force to be Reckoned With by Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle — North Adams, Massachusetts

Image credit: Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle

Inverted House — Szymbark, Poland

Image credit: Unusual Architecture