Electrifying Multiple-Exposure Photos of Japan


Multiple-exposure photographs have become something of a fad over the past few years, but we can’t recall ever having seen them used as elegantly and purposefully as in Stephanie Jung‘s Japan series. The images below layer photo upon photo of the buildings, streets, and people of Japanese cities, creating hyper yet dreamy portraits of Tokyo, Osaka, Shibuya, and Nara that recall such films as Lost in Translation and Sans Soleil. See the electrifying series, which we spotted via Booooooom, after the jump.

Stephanie Jung, Tokyo, 2010-11

Stephanie Jung, Nara I, 2010-11

Stephanie Jung, Shibuya, 2010-11

Stephanie Jung, Osaka, 2010-11

Stephanie Jung, Nara II, 2010-11