Lena Dunham Confirms Donald Glover Will Appear in ‘Girls’ Season 2


Last week, a photo appeared on the Internet of Lena Dunham and Donald Glover sitting on a stoop in Brooklyn, apparently shooting an episode of Girls Season 2. (Groan-worthy NY Post sub-headline: “Dunham films with black actor first week back on set.”) As exciting as it was to see two of our favorite young creative polymaths working together, we were curious: Did Glover really have a role in the HBO series, and if so, who would he be playing? Well, TVline pinned down Dunham, and while she confirmed that the Community co-star/rapper really has joined the cast, she wouldn’t reveal anything about his role. “[W]e really want Season 2 to be a surprise to viewers, because there’s a lot of fun stuff planned, a lot of fun guest stars. I really think with Season 2, we sort of hit new heights of delirium and of fantastically lewd behavior,” she said, joking that she’s adopted the spoiler-protecting secrecy of Lost. No matter what he’s doing on Girls, though, the news that we’ll have an additional way to get our Donal Glover fix is welcome — especially when Sony’s abrupt dismissal of Dan Harmon means we don’t have high hopes for Community next year.