Watch Liz Phair Exact Revenge in Badass New Music Video


As she’s spent the past several years demonstrating, Liz Phair basically does whatever she wants these days. (And even if Exile in Guyville is the only album of hers you appreciate, we’d argue that she’s still earned that right.) So, this week she feels like releasing a video for “And He Slayed Her,” from her two-year-old novelty album/attack on the music industry, Funstyle. And you know what? Despite all the abuse that she took for that record, this is a very good thing. “And He Slayed Her” is probably the best song on the album, and the video is unspeakably badass. Phair is equal parts sexy and deadly, tearing through the desert in a vintage car, bent on exacting some unexpectedly brutal (but also pretty funny) revenge. Although the video seems to be about a romance gone bad, we’d be remiss not to point out, as Stereogum did, that the song’s title famously sounds a whole lot like “Andy Slater,” the name of a Capitol executive who refused to release Phair from a contract.