Play with Tomorrow’s Amazing Moog Google Doodle Today


Because of what we do for a living, we probably pay more attention to Google Doodles than your average person. That said, tomorrow’s ode to Bob Moog in honor of what would have been the electronic music pioneer’s 78th birthday is so over-the-top that it’s worth checking out right this second. And lucky for you it has already gone live in the Pacific!

Not only is the keyboard itself playable, there’s also a working mixer, oscillators, and filters for you to screw around with, plus you can record the weird sounds that you make on a virtual tape deck and send a link to your friends. Impressive, right? Almost as impressive as the fact that Moog constructed his first theremin when he was only 15 years old using some instructions that he found in a magazine, and would later, as a grad student in physics at Cornell University, sell DIY kits out of his apartment for $49.95 a pop. To learn more about the man whose synthesizers had such an incredible impact on electronic music, we recommend checking out Hans Fjellestad’s fascinating 2004 documentary, Moog — but not until you’ve played a song or two, or course. [via The Atlantic Wire]