Hungry Interns: “Please Sir, Can We Have Some Muffins?”


Flavorpill HQ is home to, in addition to a staff of well-nourished cultural consumers, more than a few hungry interns. When we heard about Little Debbie’s Intern Hero contest, our stomachs growled and we eagerly started plotting for a muffin bonanza. The rules are simple:

This summer, Little Debbie is giving out 200 large sampler boxes of Little Debbie Muffins to currently employed interns in the continental United States. All you have to do is send us a photo of you holding a sign asking for muffins.

Incorporating our signature Flavorpill “F”, we stood in our impoverished kitchen and asked, where, by God, could we get some food of our own? (An intern cannot live on Corn Pops alone.) We hope the Little Debbie folks will be able to answer our plea. Check out the full-sized pic after the jump.

[via Gawker]