10 Bedroom Designs That Bring Out Your Inner Child


We’ve come across some amazing children’s bedrooms during our internet travels — like this dino-riffic one we recently spotted on Dornob — but why should kids have all the fun? We felt inspired to seek out playful interior designs featuring adult sleep spaces — bedrooms that bring out your inner child. Don’t worry, it’s nothing you’d be embarrassed to show an actual human being. Just a few youthful touches to your sleeping quarters. See what we discovered in the gallery below.

Swing Set Bedroom

There are many variations of the hanging bed, but this one is a sleeker, modern look that makes the cool steel feel lighthearted by elevating the bed a few feet off the ground. We can’t help but think of playground swingsets while looking at it.

Chalkboard Bedroom

These amazing chalkboard concepts were created to showcase a collection from Anthropologie, but we love them so much we’d consider recreating them for our own bedroom. A floor to ceiling blackboard allows you to whimsically draw your furniture — including the fringe rug beneath the bed that you don’t have to vacuum.

Cubbyhole Bedroom

This bedroom hideaway features a secret cubbyhole that leads to a space below it. The entire room can also be hidden away thanks to a wraparound bookcase on wheels that slides to reveal or conceal the bed.

Slide Bedroom

Many homes have incorporated playground slides into their design for the children of the house, but there are no rules against adults using them to slip down from floor to floor. If you want something that looks a little less playroom and a bit more chameleonic try this wooden slide that matches the accompanying staircase.

Tree House Bedroom

The great thing about being an adult is that you can sleep where you want. Instead of staying indoors, during the warmer months this tree house bedroom would make a perfect pretend getaway without the pesky airplane or gas mileage.

Furry Bedroom

If you like animals, or haven’t been able to let go of the stuffed creatures you loved as a kid, then this furry bedroom — complete with tactile walls and furniture — should make you happy.

Fort Bedroom

Make your fort fancy with this camping-style bedroom, featuring a tent-like headboard and wood accents. If you’d rather rough it, try the simpler, more affordable sleeping bag on the floor approach, and make a fort the old fashioned way. Bonus points if you recreate the Twin Peaks-ish mountains on your wall.

Climbing Bedroom

This bedroom is intended for a kid who likes to monkey around, but we’re really digging the climbing rope, ladder connected to the elevated bed, and wall featuring multiple handles. We officially declare it appropriate for grown-ups.

Baby Bird Bedroom

O*GE architects created this bird’s nest bed that comes in three different sizes. One holds up to 16 people — perfect for that bacchanal you’ve been meaning to host. The rest of the room is kept simple to showcase the giant nest. We love that it makes you feel small and cozy like a baby bird should.

Puzzle Bedroom

A reminder of the days when cleaning up your puzzles and toys sucked, but now that you’re older, you can just stick it on the wall and pretend it’s art instead.