Rate-a-Trailer: Despicable Me


We hadn’t heard much about Despicable Me before now, which might be because it doesn’t come out until next year. But here’s what you need to know: It has an amazing voice cast (read: Steve Carell, Will Arnett, Jason Segel, Kristen Wiig, Danny McBride, Russell Brand, and Julie Andrews), and Universal just put out the first trailer which features an unusually long 2 and a half minute scene.

Rumor has it that the movie will center on Gru (Steve Carell), a suburban super villain with an underground lair, trusty minions and serious ambition. That is until, three orphan girls set their sights on him to be their new dad. We are kind of loving the whole villain Renaissance that’s going on right now, so we’re pretty down with the whole idea.

The downside is that we don’t get much of that info from the trailer, though it seems fair to assume that Gru isn’t just blowing smoke; he stole The Great Pyramid of Giza and replaced it with an inflatable one. Pretty impressive — we wonder what he wants it for.

Aside from that, the trailer doesn’t give us much to go on — the animation looks good, there are some potentially funny moments (we love the Hitchcock homage) but it’s hard to say for sure. Then again, the movie doesn’t come out until July of next year, so there’s probably still a lot of work to do. It does come from the producer of the first two Ice Age movies and Horton Hears a Who — mediocre successes all — and feature Carell, who voiced Horton and hasn’t had a box office hit since 2005’s The 40-Year-Old Virgin, so we’re going to stay on the fence about this one for now and trust in the many talents involved not to let us down.