Watch a Supercut of the Year’s Most Awkward TV Sex Scenes


As we recently noted, HBO has become TV’s most reliable source for creepy sex. But while Girls has set a new standard for uncomfortable intercourse, it’s far from the only show — and HBO is hardly the only channel — in the past year whose hookups are making us cringe on a regular basis. HuffPost TV’s new supercut of the 2011-12 season’s most awkward sex scenes proves that this has become a full-on trend; in addition to plenty of Girls moments, we get angry Mad Men sex, gross Weeds sex, that weird swing scene from True Blood, an unsettling snippet from American Horror Story, and a whole lot more. We have only gripe with this video: Where’s Game of Thrones, which is always finding new and alarming ways to gross us out? Watch the clip below, and feel better about your own romantic exploits.