Who Wants to Play Wes Anderson Bingo?


Of all the auteurs working today, Wes Anderson’s films are probably the most instantly recognizable. (Well, except maybe for Tim Burton’s, but you can argue amongst yourselves about whether he still deserves to be called an auteur.) They feature a fairly consistent troupe of actors (Owen Wilson, Bill Murray, Jason Schwartzman), a distinct visual style (yellow titles, Futura font, overhead shots), lots of precious props and costumes, and a soundtrack of nostalgic ’60s and ’70s rock. This makes the director a perfect candidate for Wes Anderson Bingo, which Slate has done us all a favor and created. What’s especially cool about this board is that it allows you to create and print multiple cards — which means you and your friends can compete for Bingo supremacy while you’re at the theater for Moonrise Kingdom this weekend. Click here to generate as many cards as you’d like.