Quote of the Day: The Upper, Like, East Side

On Attractive Qualities in Men: Metropolitan, Nick: “Rick Von Slonecker is tall, rich, good looking, stupid, dishonest, conceited, a bully, liar, drunk and thief, an egomaniac, and probably psychotic. In short, highly attractive to women.” NYC Prep, Taylor: “I’m, like, attracted to Sebastian. I like his hair.”

The Faster Times compares dialogue from “WASP Woody Allen” Whit Stillman’s classic Metropolitan with the verbiage of the possibly morally and definitely grammatically bankrupt teens of Bravo’s NYC Prep. BTW, who watched last night? We hope the producers feel at least a little ashamed after they achieved their goal of convincingly insinuating that a 17-year-old girl did something slutty. Team Camille!