Awesome Tumblr Alert: Illustrations of Tattoos and the Stories Behind Them


People with tattoos must get sick of answering strangers’ questions, but we’ll never tire of speculating about all the distinctive body art walking the sidewalk runway of the city’s daily fashion show. Thankfully, The Rumpus editor Isaac Fitzgerald has devised a way for us to satisfy our curiosity without being rude — and incorporated some great art to boot. His Pen & Ink Tumblr enlists the help of artist Wendy MacNaughton to pair illustrations of real people’s tattoos with the stories behind them, in the subjects’ own words. There have only been three entries so far, but considering the work that goes into these pieces, we don’t really expect Pen & Ink to move at the speed of Internet and patiently await the next installment in the series. [via Laughing Squid]