‘Six Seasons and a Movie’: Art Inspired by NBC’s ‘Community’


From hip-hop songs to an Inspector Spacetime web series, Community’s loyal following has produced no shortage of wonderful fan art. And now, TV’s most creative audience has blessed us with an entire group show of works inspired by the students and faculty of Greendale Community College. On view June 23-24 at Los Angeles’ PixelDrip Gallery, the exhibition is called Six Seasons and a Movie (what else?) and features art that’s every bit as strange as you’d hope, from a poster depicting each and every one of Dean Pelton’s over-the-top costumes to the cast as Russian matryoshka dolls to a few homages to the “darkest timeline.” Click through to preview some of the best pieces that have already surfaced online, and keep an eye on PixelDrip’s website for more news about the show.

Image credit: Dennis Culver [via]

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