An Elegantly Deconstructed Sandwich for Each State in the Union


Maybe it’s because we spotted Laughing Squid’s post about this project just before lunchtime, and maybe it’s because the Flavorwire staff is a bit obsessed with sandwiches, but we are thoroughly charmed by Kelly Pratt’s Stately Sandwiches. The concept is simple: Pratt identifies the sandwich that best represents each state (a muffuletta for Louisiana, a Reuben for New York), artfully arranges the ingredients on a cutting board, takes a photo, adds some explanatory text, and then posts the image for the world to enjoy. She’s already 11 states into the project, and is accepting suggestions for more via Twitter. We humbly propose the pit beef sandwich for Maryland, and could really go for North Carolina’s specialty right about now. Click through to see a few of our favorite Stately Sandwiches, and stay tuned to the website as the project continues.