The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories


1. Vulture is exclusively reporting that Adam Sandler is in talks to replace Mark Wahlberg in Three Mississippi, a comedy about “two rival families who have an annual tackle football game at Thanksgiving” that already stars Will Ferrell.

2. Dan Deacon has announced that his new album is coming out on August 28 and it will be called America. Check out the tracklist, as well as one of the featured tracks, “Lots,” here.

3. Not only has Showtime decided to renew Nurse Jackie for a fifth season, they’re also bringing in Dexter’s Clyde Phillips to serve as the new showrunner. [via TVLine]

4. Almost a decade later, Lauren Weisberger is writing a sequel to The Devil Wears Prada which will see her semi-autobiographical protagonist, Andy Sachs, working at a bridal magazine as she plans her own wedding. Are we the only ones who hope Miranda Priestly finds a way to ruin her big day? [via EW]

5. Amy Winehouse’s family has decided to put the late singer’s three-bedroom house in Camden Square up for sale for a reported £2.7m because, understandably, none of them feel right about living there. [via Guardian]

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