Guess Who’s Coming Back to ‘True Blood’ This Season


If you’ve watched any of the trailers for True Blood Season 5 — or, really, just paid attention to the end of last year’s finale — then you know we’re in for the return of the show’s most thrillingly evil vampire, Russell Edgington. But Entertainment Weekly is reporting that he’s not the only character who will be making a comeback. (Spoiler-averse readers, here’s your last call to click away.) Lafayette’s schizophrenic mom, Ruby Jean Reynolds, played by the wonderful Alfre Woodard, will be back for at least the fifth and sixth episodes of the season. As you may remember, it was Ruby Jean who inadvertently brought her son together with Jesus, who was a nurse at the mental hospital where she was a patient. Aside from reminding us of how heartbroken we were by Jesus’ demise, this news has us wondering what sort of warped adventures poor Lafayette is in for this time around.