Is This Yet Another Early Lana Del Rey Album?


You thought the Lana Del Rey news cycle had finally ended, didn’t you? Yeah, so did we. But a few days ago she turned up on a track with Bobby Womack, and now Stereogum is reporting that a full album that predates even 2010’s Lana Del Ray A.K.A. Lizzy Grant has leaked online and been attributed to her. Recorded under the bizarre alias May Jailer (Jailer?!), it’s called Sirens and finds Del Rey — if it really is her, which is still unconfirmed — singing spare folk songs in a somewhat higher register than the whisper-growl that’s become her calling card. The voice could definitely belong to one Lizzy Grant, and the tracks do mesh with “A Star for Nick,” which leaked last year and also supposedly appears on Sirens, although it’s still too soon to entirely rule out a hoax. Listen to “Pride” (which isn’t half bad) below, hear the entire album (as long as it’s still online) at YouTube, and let us know whether you think May Jailer is yet another incarnation of LDR.