Daily Dose Pick: Nosaj Thing


Nosaj Thing is the alias of LA-based glitch-hop artist and producer Jason Chung.

Chung’s eerie and elegant debut album, Drift, derives its sound from a wide range of influences (one of the tracks is tellingly titled “1685/Bach”), resulting in a record that at times willfully strays from its glitch-hop roots.

He clearly labored over every oddball production detail and sample, and when he can’t find the perfect sound, he just makes it himself — the beat for one song is derived from a sample of Chung peeling masking tape and jangling loose change.

When he’s not obsessing over every aspect of his own tracks, Chung is a prolific remixer for fellow laptop maestros like Flying Lotus, Jogger, and Daedelus.

Read our exclusive interview with Nosaj Thing, download a free remix of “Coat of Arms” or grab the original, watch more videos, see him live in SF or LA, and buy

Drift online.