Andy Samberg’s Future at ‘SNL’ Is Still Undecided


If you assumed that the lyrics “On these New York streets I hone my fake rap penmanship / That’s how it began, and that’s how I’m-a finish it” were Andy Samberg’s understated way of saying goodbye in Saturday Night Live’s recent season finale, then you’re definitely not alone. But as it turns out, his departure from SNL is far from a sure thing at this point. “You know, I’ve just been focusing on the movie and all this stuff,” he told MTV News in a promotional interview for That’s My Boy. “I haven’t talked to Lorne about it yet. Something will get decided over the summer. We’ll see. No matter what, it’s been a dream come true working there for me.”

We’re assuming that a lot of his decision rests on how That’s My Boy — the pretty awful looking comedy where Adam Sandler plays his deadbeat dad — performs at the box office, which is a shame given the fact that Celeste and Jesse Forever, a smaller indie romance that co-stars Rashida Jones, looks like a much better movie. While we wish him all the best in launching his film career, our fingers are crossed that “Lazy Sunday 2” wasn’t really the final Digital Short.