Famous Album Covers Photographed in the NYC Locations Where They Were Shot


Bob Egan isn’t the only person who’s photographing famous album covers superimposed over the locations where they were shot — in fact, the idea has become so popular that even advertisers have picked up on it — but he’s certainly doing more thorough research for his project than anyone else we’ve seen. At his website, PopSpots, Egan chronicles the detective work he does to find these places, providing multiple photos and maps that both show his process and help readers place the image within the city. While most of the covers (and other famous rock ‘n’ roll pictures) are from New York City, where Egan is a real estate agent, he’s also tracked Bob Dylan and The Who to London. See a few of our favorite PopShots photos below, and visit the site for a whole lot more.

The Who — The Kids Are Alright: 116th St. and Morningside Dr.

Bob Dylan — Highway 61 Revisited: 4 Gramercy Park West

Neil Young — After the Gold Rush: Northwest corner of Sullivan St. and West 3rd St.

Steely Dan — Pretzel Logic: Fifth Ave. and 79th St., west side

[via The Daily Swarm]