A Rainbow of Crazily Colored Houses


Here at Flavorpill, we admit that we spend a great deal of our time poking around the internet and looking at gorgeous design, architecture or otherwise. Recently, we’ve been drooling over these wonderful photos of one-color houses, from pristine white to neighbor-irritating blue to ostentatious purple, which we’ve collected here in a beauteous rainbow for your summer house-peeping enjoyment. Click through to see our full rainbow of gorgeous, brightly-colored homes, and let us know what shade you’d paint your dream castle in the comments.

Queensland, Australia. [via The Most Beautiful Houses in the World]

Red House in the western suburbs of Oslo, Norway, designed by JVA. [via House Design Trends]

Czech Republic home, designed by ARCHTEAM.

Hervey Bay, Australia. [via Diary of a Pom]

Kirchbach house, Kirchbach, Austria, designed by Grid Architects. [via e-architect]

Architect Peter Kaschnig’s home in Klagenfurt, Austria. [via The Telegraph]

California. [via Flickr]

The “FFAT” in Vila Nova Gaia, Portugal, designed by the architecture firm Arquitectos Anonimos. [via California Home Design]