Play Haruki Murakami Bingo on this Gorgeous Bingo Board


We don’t usually go in for bingo unless we’re hanging out with our grandmothers (in which case, it’s the best), but we must say that this awesome Haruki Murakami themed bingo board, drawn by Grant Snider over at Incidental Comics, would have us pulling out the chips — not to mention re-reading the entire Murakami canon. Snider, who writes that he has read all of Murakami’s twelve novels and three short story collections, as well as his memoir, is totally spot on with his choices (cats, so many cats) and looking at this comic is giving us wonderfully Murakami-esque deja vu feelings. If you’re a cut-and-paste kind of person, Snider’s comic will appear in print today in the New York Times Book Review, and for true fan boys and girls, it’s also available as a poster.