Wes Anderson to Release Animated ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ Companion Short


After catching Wes Anderson’s new film, Moonrise Kingdom, in the theater last week, we’ve occasionally caught ourselves fantasizing about returning to the sweetly ridiculous island of New Penzance, ca. 1965. So imagine our delight at the news that Anderson is planning to release an animated short that serves as a companion piece to the movie. The video, which will debut on the Internet this week, brings to life the surreal-looking YA fantasy novels that the character Suzy brings on her romantic retreat with our hero, Sam. As Anderson explained to ComingSoon, “Different artists, most of whom very close to the filmmakers, were doing these. In fact, we have now animated them, each little passage, each in the style of the cover of the book. We’ve made a little short film that’s hosted by Bob Balaban, the narrator in our movie.” This certainly sounds promising, and if it’s half as wonderful as “Hotel Chevalier,” Anderson’s sister short to The Darjeeling Limited, we’ll be thrilled.