Dear Costume Department: ‘Rock of Ages’


Editor’s note: Welcome to Dear Costume Department, a bi-weekly feature brought to you by our fashion-minded friends from Of a Kind, a curated shopping site of limited-edition goods by emerging designers. With each installment, they’ll bring you a head-to-toe look inspired by a buzzed-about pop culture personality — complete with info on where to grab the pieces for your own closet. Enjoy!

So many Broadway-to-megaplex journeys only end in disappointment — remember Rosario Dawson and Taye Diggs in Rent? — but we’re so excited at the prospect of seeing Paul Giamatti, Alec Baldwin, and Bryan Cranston in musical form that we’re willing to give Rock of Ages a chance. Plus, the opportunity to finally forgive Tom Cruise a handful of his sins is pretty welcome, too. It’s almost like he’s getting to travel back in time, channeling the good old days when he was still the world’s biggest movie star by playing the world’s biggest rock star. Here’s what we hope he’s wearing as ’80s icon Stacee Jaxx.

Let’s start with the basics: ass-hugging Neil Barrett leather pants so hot that they nearly set all the Aquanet in the room on fire.

Clearly this is an opportunity to double-down on the leather, but in Stacee’s case, wearing underneath this Jean Shop work shirt would be laughable.

This tiger-print We Are Owls scarf is meant to be flung into the audience during a particularly heartfelt Poison number.

Clearly this Vim Beget bracelet (for Of a Kind!) is just one of many pieces of man jewelry on this one’s person — like him, it’s appealingly antiqued.

A huge fur coat by Sandro is the only component of his getup worn oversize.

For now, this Hav-a-Hank bandana absorbs sweat from all the thrusting around on stage. In a few years, it will also be useful to hide bald spots.