Flavorwire: Now Optimized for the iPhone!


Last month we told you guys about our new partnership with OnSwipe, and the very exciting debut of a more tablet-friendly Flavorwire. Now, hot on the heels of an incredible shout-out on the TODAY show from Johns Hopkins junior Lucie Fink (“This is the most organized website I’ve ever seen for a tablet”), we’re thrilled to announce that we’re giving iPhone users the same experience upgrade — but then, you probably already noticed the pleasant change in scenery, didn’t you?

Play around with the pretty new version of Flavorwire on your phone a bit, and then be sure to let us know what you think of it, either via email or in the comments section below. And for those of you who read us on your Android, don’t despair; we promise that we’re not leaving you out! We’ve got something in the works for you guys, too. Stay tuned to Flavorwire for more updates.