Watch Funny or Die’s ‘The Wire: The Musical’


You know you have to watch The Wire sooner or later, like every other politically progressive fan of quality television. It’s basically a social responsibility. But every time you’re just about to take the plunge, some other, inferior but more fun-sounding show beckons to you. How do you live with the guilt? Well, now you don’t have to, because Funny or Die has created The Wire: The Musical, a 90-minute song-and-dance extravaganza — OK, a four-minute trailer for a 90-minute song-and-dance extravaganza — that condenses all five seasons into one entertaining spectacle. The hilarious clip stars none other than Omar himself, Michael K. Williams, along with a slew of other The Wire stars and features songs with such lyrics as, “There are complex problems / Inherent in the bureaucratic institutions of the state / But there’s no one to blame / It’s a vast array of personal interests that conflict in a way that undermines the overall system.” Watch it below, and laugh harder at The Wire than you ever thought possible.

[via Pop Culture Brain]