‘Friends With Kids’ Director Jennifer Westfeld at Work on HBO Series


Here’s some promising news for those of us who liked Friends with Kids (come on, admit it, tons of you out there enjoyed this slightly untraditional rom-com): The film’s writer/producer/director/star Jennifer Westfeldt is developing a series for HBO. She reveals the project in a new Guardian interview, which offers no details except that it’s a comedy drama and Westfeldt is hoping to star in it, but does also include a the sweet factoid that she and husband Jon Hamm aren’t competitive about work — they’re competitive about games like Words with Friends and Scramble with Friends. So, for now, we’re left to speculate about what show will be. Mostly, we just hope Adam Scott plays some role (unless that would conflict with his Parks and Rec schedule, which we would never mess with, ever). [via The Playlist]