Watch Kevin Smith’s New Film Review Show, ‘Spoilers’


We all know Kevin Smith has a lot of opinions — especially on film critics — so it made a lot of sense when we learned last month that he had an “anti-movie review” show called Spoilers coming to Hulu. What differentiates the series from, say, At the Movies, is that it relies on the opinions of average folks, 50 of whom Smith takes to a movie and then asks for citizen critiques. Now, Slashfilm has tipped us off that the premiere is live, and it certainly does democratize the film review experience, for better or worse. The episode centers on Snow White and the Huntsman, which didn’t win over much of the dude-heavy crowd, although Smith still found a few good things to say about it. Later in the show, he geeks it up with guest Carrie Fisher and gives a shout out to Jim Jarmusch’s Stranger Than Paradise — and, of course, Silent Bob gets a visit from the one and only Jay. Watch Spoilers after the jump.