15 Fictional Spacecrafts We’d Like to Call Home


Prometheus, Ridley Scott’s first go at sci-fi since his epic cult classic Blade Runner took a genre-defining look at the modern metropolis of the future, hits theaters this Friday, and we couldn’t be more excited. Even though we’re no closer to a world overrun by flying cars and human-like androids, we still fantasize about a day when Venus is a viable getaway option and adorable lifeforms from other planets drop by to chat over a bag of Reese’s Pieces.

To satisfy our insatiable curiosity for all things futuristic, we thought we’d take a look at the interiors of some of the most notable space stations, space hotels, and intergalactic battleships in film and television and ponder the question: could we ever really live in space? If space architecture looks anything like the stunning, luxurious, and playful production design of these decidedly livable spacecrafts, our answer is a definite yes. From the decadent, spacious interiors of The Fifth Element’s Fhloston Paradise Hotel to the well-executed mix of old and new on the creepy Solaris space station, click through to check out the best of livable design in places not on this Earth. Maybe Richard Branson has the right idea after all!

Fhloston Paradise in The Fifth Element

Image credit: Columbia Pictures/ Sony Pictures

Eagle 5 in Spaceballs

Image credit: MGM Entertainment

Heart of Gold in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Image credit: Buena Vista Pictures/ Walt Disney Studios

Space Station V in 2001: A Space Odyssey

Image credit: MGM Entertainment

The Millenium Falcon in Star Wars

Image credit: Kathryn Mackay; the RPF

Sarang Lunar Base in Moon

Image credit: Sony Pictures Classics

USS Enterprise NCC-1701 in Star Trek: The Next Generation

Image credit: CBS Television

Solaris Space Station in Solaris

Image credit: Criterion

Galactica Battleship in Battlestar Galactica

Image credit: Syfy

The Executor Star Destroyer in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Image credit: Star Wars Wikia

Mobile Infantry Station in Starship Troopers

Image credit: Touchstone Pictures

Axiom in Wall-E

Image credit: Walt Disney Studios

Death Star II in Star Wars

Image credit: Star Wars Wikia

House Atreides Frigate in Dune

Image credit: Universal Pictures

The Prometheus in Prometheus

Image credit: 20th Century Fox