Of Course ‘Community’ Fans Made a Playable ‘Journey to the Center of the Hawkthorne’ Game


What do you get when you cross Community fans with redditors? A playable version of Journey to the Center of the Hawkthorne, the 8-bit video game Pierce’s dad created as a test before he could collect his inheritance. The side-scroller looks almost exactly like the one on the show, and offers the option of playing as any member of the Greendale study group — as well as an amusing collection of in-joke characters, from Brittasaurus Rex to Seacrest Hulk to Captain Kirk. You can download the game for free at Reddit, where users are riffing and nitpicking and making suggestions about the most satisfying ways to take out hippies, while developers are working out the bugs and providing frequent updates.

Oh, Internet, is there any dream you can’t make come true? [via Laughspin]