The Flavorpill Mixtape I: Superchunk, Man Man, The Dead Weather, and More


A Flavorpill playlist? Check. Poorly Photoshopped album art? Double check. A song by Betty Wright in which one can “feel the afro in her voice?” Hell yes.

1. DJ Quik & Kurupt – “Ohh

Because summertime means g-funk! -Eli

2. Superchunk – “Slack Motherf*cker

It’s the 20th anniversary of Merge Records this year – we’re celebrating with the XX Merge festival in Chapel Hill next week. This song feels especially relevant, in light of what’s happening with our economy. “I’m working…but I’m not working for you…” -Lauren 3. Outasight – “Brand New Day

This is the kind of song that you want to wake up to everyday. In fact, I’m convinced that if the whole world could actually do that, we’d all be a lot better off. -Michael

4. Man Man – “Tunneling Through the Guy

I’m really feeling Man Man’s “Tunneling Through the Guy” right now because they played at the East River Park bandshell last week. They’re such great performers and their fans are so enthusiastic that I just want to listen to them all day long. -Nora 5. The Dead Weather – “Will There be Enough Water?

Great show last night and the video is sweet too. -Ashley

6. The Dream – “Put it Down

Can’t stop listening to it. great hooks, great synths, hilarious lyrics. -Axel 7. Kasabian – “Where Did All the Love Go?

These guys have been listening to a lot of 60s psych-rock lately, and it shows. In a really good way. Plus, it’s an excellent question. -Doug

8. Holmes – “Not With You

A relationship letdown song with a sweet melody, Holmes takes you on a sunny stroll down a lonely back alley. -Jane

9. Wavves – “Beach Goth

Because I saw them last week/got moshed into smithereens. And loved it. -Stelios

10. Betty Wright – “Clean Up Woman You can feel the afro in her voice. -Robbie