Blurry Paintings That Perfectly Capture Summer in the City


Hot. Bright. Sweaty. That’s what every city in the world feels like on the warmest day of the year, when you can’t walk down the street without squinting into the sun and wiping the perspiration from your eyes. At times like this, everything goes into soft focus, the light and heat blurring your vision until cars and bodies and buildings all run together. These are the moments Cape Town-based painter Philip Barlow captures in The City, a series that highlights what his website describes as the artist’s fascination with “light and its effect on different surfaces, especially the abstraction of forms often generated by both natural and artificial lighting.” See some of our favorite images from the collection after the jump, and visit Barlow’s website to discover more of his work.

Philip Barlow, Crossing

Philip Barlow, Gemstones

Philip Barlow, Brighten

Philip Barlow, Eternal II

Philip Barlow, Brink

Philip Barlow, Bright Sun

Philip Barlow, Glint Street

Philip Barlow, Tall Man and Dancer

Philip Barlow, Light Space

Philip Barlow, Dusk