‘Community’ Directors Will Helm the ‘Captain America’ Sequel


Captain America might have grossed $368 million worldwide, but it wasn’t up to the same standard as Iron Man or The Avengers — we’d group it with second-tier, good-but-not-great Marvel fare like Thor or Iron Man 2. So we’re intrigued to hear that Joe and Anthony Russo — who are actually better known for their work on TV shows like Arrested Development and Community — are reportedly a lock to direct Captain America 2 for Marvel Studios — a gig that Bourne Ultimatum writer/Adjustment Bureau director George Nolfi was also in the running for.

So why opt for the dark horse duo? Apparently execs were willing to overlook their lack of relevant film world experience (let’s agree not to count You Me & Dupree) based on the strength of their storyboards, and as The Playlist points out, it’s likely that their affordability played a factor too. We’re curious: Where would you like to see the Russo brothers take Captain America in this next film — you know, other than Greendale Community College?