Watch Wes Anderson’s Animated Companion Short to ‘Moonrise Kingdom’


Earlier this week, we giddily announced that Wes Anderson would be releasing an animated Moonrise Kingdom companion short — and now he’s done it. The four-minute film is hosted by Moonrise’s narrator, Bob Balaban, and compiles a series of brief sequences that illustrate passages from the young adult sci-fi and fantasy books disaffected tween character Suzy brings with her when she runs away from home. Each tale features the work of a different artist, with styles varying from pencil sketches to typography to dreamy, super-saturated sequences that suggest watercolor paintings.

Entertainment Weekly, which has exclusively posted the video, reports that the animations were originally envisioned as a part of the film but were nixed in favor of pairing Suzy’s narration with shots of Moonrise characters’ faces. Watch the short at EW and join us in praying like crazy that someone — whether it be Anderson himself or, you know, the Internet — decides to write and animate each of the stories.