George Clooney to Direct Film Adaptation of ‘New Yorker’ Feature ‘The Yankee Commandante’


If you’re a New Yorker subscriber, we probably don’t have to tell you about “The Yankee Comandante,” David Grann’s lengthy feature that ran in the magazine’s May 28th issue. Filling 23 tightly packed pages, the piece relates the strange tale of William Alexander Morgan, an American who fought alongside the rebels in the Cuban Revolution but was executed as a traitor soon after Fidel Castro seized power. Even if history and politics aren’t your thing, Grann’s gripping storytelling and thorough reporting make for irresistible reading.

In the few weeks since its publication, the piece has earned a great deal of well-deserved buzz, and the story has all the makings of high drama, so we’re not surprised to see that it’s headed for the screen. Deadline reports that Focus Features has optioned “The Yankee Comandante,” and that George Clooney has signed on to direct the adaptation. Considering his flair for political filmmaking, this could be an excellent match.