Watch Bill Murray Explain His Legendary Fight With Chevy Chase


If you didn’t catch Letterman last night, then you missed out on an appearance by one of Dave’s most consistently entertaining guests, Bill Murray. Although we assume Murray was there to promote Moonrise Kingdom, there was a brief holographic interlude and the conversation eventually turned to the early days of Saturday Night Live, when he replaced Chevy Chase for the show’s second season. Tales of a decades-old dust-up between Murray and Chase abound, and when Letterman pressed, he admitted that the two had a “Hollywood fight” and called their rivalry “Oedipal.” But when it came to actually throwing down, the actors “were just too damn good-lookin’ to really hit each other.” Murray also confirmed that the feud had long since been put to rest, which is a relief since Chase seems to have his hands full beefing with Community creator Dan Harmon.

[via HuffPost Comedy]