Jim Henson Company Adapting Classic Kids Book ‘Frog And Toad’ Into a Feature Film


Sometimes it feels as though every great children’s book has already been adapted for the big screen — and most have fallen short of our expectations. But there may be hope yet — Deadline reports that the Jim Henson Company has acquired the rights to Arnold Lobel’s wonderful Frog and Toad series — written in the ’70s but still peppering households and children’s imaginations today — and plan to develop an animated feature based on the books. Since there are four books with five stories in each, we’re not sure what the overriding narrative will be — all we can say is that we hope it won’t be a rip-roaring adventure, but rather an understated and rich mediation on friendship, like the books. And though as far as we can tell, they haven’t done much of particular note in a while (last year’s The Muppets was Walt Disney, folks), fingers crossed that the Jim Henson Company will do a better job than Illumination Entertainment at bringing our childhoods to life. Somehow we think they have a pretty good chance.