A Collection of Incredibly Gorgeous Comic Book Art


This week saw the release of Batman: Death by Design , a much-anticipated collaboration between graphic designer and author Chip Kidd and illustrator Dave Taylor that is being hailed everywhere for its gorgeous art (which as far as we’re concerned, totally makes up for the slightly weak story). Inspired by this new interpretation of a ubiquitous and oft-recreated figure, we put together a small collection of some of the most beautiful comic book art in recent memory, both covers and interior work, for your perusal. Click through to feast your eyes on a few gorgeous comics, and make sure to point us to your favorite graphic beauties in the comments.

From Batman: Death by Design, by Chip Kidd and Dave Taylor.

From The Metabarons, illustrated by Juan Giménez.

J.H. Williams III’s Batwoman, from the cover for Detective Comics #857.

Amy Reeder’s Batwoman.

Fables #58 by James Jean.

From Matt Fraction’s Casanova: Gula #1, art by Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon.

From Sweet Tooth, by Jeff Lemire.

Cover art for Northlanders: Girl in the Ice, by Massimo Carnevale.

Art from The Mire, by Becky Cloonan

Two covers by Alex Ross.

Illustration by Jack Kirby, comics legend.

Pages from Kabuki: Metamorphosis #4, by David Mack.

A page from Hergé’s Tintin in Tibet.