Watch An Hour of Deleted Scenes From David Lynch’s ‘Blue Velvet’


According to film buff lore, the shooting script for David Lynch’s classic psych-noir masterpiece Blue Velvet was over four hours long — cut down to two hours for its theatrical release. Some of the extra cut footage was said to be lost when producer Dino De Laurentis sold his company, but happily, it resurfaced late last year on the Blu-ray release of the film. This weekend, Dangerous Minds dug up an entire hour of the previously lost footage available in one delicious video on YouTube, so even those who haven’t invested in Blu-ray can indulge in some dark, twisty and satisfyingly deranged deleted scenes from one of the best directors of our time. Click through to use the next hour in the most productive way humanly possible — but be warned: as might be expected, the video is NSFW.