Daily Poll: Would You Swim in a Dumpster?


Somewhere in the murky depths of Brooklyn, a dumpster pool party is raging on. The New York Times‘ Melena Ryzik caught this “secret” dumpster fest on camera. Thanks to a deteriorating construction company, locals were given three 60ft dumpsters for personal use. After sanding off the rough edges, lining the dumpsters with plastic, and installing a water system, the “pools” were ready to go.

But what we really want to know is…


Consider the following:

– For ten days, a ginormous 30yrd dumpster costs $815. You can check here for how much one costs to rent in your local area here. Price of water installation not included.

– A similar sized above-ground pool costs $2,289. Price of pool installation not included.

– Dumpster pools have an unprecedented air of hipster chic. Above ground pools are kind of cheesy.

– Above ground pools are only usable for one season. Since the dumpster pool is portable, you can remove it during the fall and winter, increasing your backyard space tenfold.

Thanks to this decidedly biased analysis, you are now a pool connoisseur. So let’s try this again: Would you swim in an above ground pool or in a dumpster?