Watch ‘Key & Peele’s’ Obama Defend Louis C.K. Against Greta Van Susteren


Remember back in March, when Louis C.K. was supposed to host the Radio and Television Correspondents Congressional Dinner, but then decided to pull out after Greta Van Susteren — who apparently isn’t too bothered by Rush Limbaugh’s constant misogyny — called him a “pig” who “denigrates all women”? Well, when the dinner took place on Friday, Barack Obama stepped up to defend the comedian. Or, rather, the eerily accurate version of Obama that appears on Comedy Central’s Key & Peele has spoken out through his “anger translator,” Luther. “We’re lucky to live in a society that values freedom of speech,” says Jordan Peele’s Obama, when Keegan-Michael Key’s wonderful Luther cuts in: “Except when it’s spoken by Louis C.K. You was fuckin’ robbed, Louis!” Truly, there has never been a TV sketch as cathartic as this one. But Luther? Leave those squirrels on water skis alone.

[via Splitsider]