Free Download: Kitty Pryde’s ‘haha, i’m sorry’ EP


We have a lot of feelings — all positive! — about Kitty Pryde, so we didn’t hesitate to click this morning when we saw the following link on her Tumblr this morning: “haha im sorry EP: premiering on complex hahahaah im sry (-;” Indeed, over at Complex, haha, i’m sorry is now available for free download.

Another witty and addictive journey into the teenage psyche, the EP opens with “Give Me Scabies,” an affectionately irreverent and string-heavy reimagining of (what else?) “Call Me Maybe.” Then there’s “Ay Shawty: THE SHREKONING,” a freaky-ethereal track that pays tribute to one of Pryde’s ongoing obsessions. The final three tracks are produced by Beautiful Lou, and while “Okay Cupid,” which finishes out the EP, is still their best collaboration, the others are certainly worth your time. “Orion’s Belt” includes a verse by Riff Raff, who you already probably hate or find oddly endearing, and “smiledog.jpg” is a response to sudden Internet fame that features one of the best carefree comebacks you’ll ever hear: “You say, ‘This little white girl is ruinin’ hip hop.’ I say, ‘Damn right, and take a look at the Ring Pop.'”