Thanks to Nickelback, Internet Explorer 8 Must Die


Perhaps in response to Mashable’s fiercely Twittered article “Internet Explorer 6 Must Die,” Windows has released a new advertisement to spur the growth of its most recent Internet browser. Since IE6 is, according to its fiercest critics, “inhibiting the process of all future web development as we know it,” the kind folks at Windows are offering a free Nickelback download packaged with Internet Explorer 8. The tag-line reads as follows: “Rock Out Your Internet.”

Is it safe to assume that IE8 is filled with bugs and long load times/probably really digs Creed?

We will now preemptively write Mashable’s “Internet Explorer 8 Must Die” article: Switch to Firefox, Opera, or Google Chrome. Save the Internet. Farewell old friend, IE8, we hardly knew ye.